Autoliv Partner Portal Support
If you are not a Primary Security Administrator (PSA) or a Secondary Security Administrator (SSA), you should contact your PSA or SSA for help. Before contacting support, please be sure you have followed
the "Site Usage Requirements" listed in the link located below the Login.

Permission / Functionality Support

Problems with a forgotten password, company profile, user profiles, accessing library documents or bulletins, and accessing applications.

Lead Buyer Company Phone Number Primary Region
Autoliv China/Shanghai +86-21-69928715 China
Autoliv Europe +40-268-440-888 Europe
Autoliv India Pvt. Ltd +91 97417 74871 (mobile) India
Autoliv Japan +81-45-475-4179 Japan
Autoliv North America (ANA, AEA) +1-248-475-0458 North America
Autoliv South America (ASA) +1-801-612-5555 South America
Autoliv Thailand +66-38-456041 Thailand

For technical support (e.g. broken functionality or web links), please contact one of the regional IT Service Desks:

North & South America: +1-801-612-5555 Europe: +40 268 440 888

You can also submit a support request via email, using the following:

  • Email address: helpdesk.admin[at]

  • Subject: APP Technical Support Request

  • Mandatory information to include in the email body: Full name, company name, phone number, email address, APP User ID, Autoliv Supplier ID, description of the problem.

  • Provide as detailed a description of the problem as possible. Include error messages, steps to duplicate the problem, and conditions when the problem occurs. You may attach images or documents as evidence of the problem.

The Autoliv Service Desk will contact you as soon as possible to respond with a solution or clarify your issue and investigate further.

If you have questions concerning your personal data, please contact: Contact Autoliv’s Data Protection Office | Autoliv